First, I opened my online savings account. I had a savings and needed another one. I’ve never had more than $350 in my savings account, just to be real. Since BUILD (and working with you), I’ve saved $2,700 in that account. That’s humungous for me! It all started with BUILD. I said, I can’t go another summer with $0. I’m continuing to save, especially during this time, because I don’t know what’s going to happen. We always talked about shifting, training our subconscious mind, being mindful of what I say, what I think, what I believe.


Special Education Teacher & Entrepreneur

I had issues with money. I would feel some kind of anxiety when it came to diving deep into my numbers. Being able to use the Master My Money personal finance system has been wonderful! I’ve completely transformed my mind. The systems that you helped to put in place for me helped to eliminate intimidation I had. The system transformed my money in a short time to where I was able to pay myself a salary, successfully find an apartment and had enough money to furnish my apartment. I’m well on my way building the wealth I know I deserve.

Dr. Kari

Trichologist, Natural Hair Stylist & Entrepreneur

I have for the first time in my life found a system for tracking my income v. expenses v. savings, and been given the tools to objectively evaluate my spending habits. I am able to see now why I live paycheck-to-paycheck and to confront the reality that if I am not tracking my balance sheet, I don’t know what I can afford. I think the program was fabulous. I would recommend it to friends and family and would readily enroll in a follow-up program.



As a business owner with limited time, I had lot of apprehensions – “Am I wasting my time? Does this person know what she’s doing?” All these concerns were eased as soon as I began to participate in the coaching sessions. Immediately, I was provided with building tools to increase my financial IQ and take steps to create plans to attain financial freedom and generational wealth.”



Training with you was a welcoming environment. I didn’t feel inadequate. I felt like it was a place to explore and I rarely come across that! The other programs that I attended, I was timid. I was afraid to speak.You provided multiple lines of communication, communication was completely open. I’m one to ask questions, to be present, to participate. I leaned into your structure. It went from general to specific and that worked for me. I appreciated the self-work in the beginning, seeing others comments and your feedback. You weren’t skimpy on your feedback. It showcased being present. You were present when you wrote that. I’m excited to see how it all comes together. I appreciate your course. I enjoyed it. I appreciate your ability to be present, be thoughtful and just create a space for everybody.You didn’t leave me hanging. I always got the answers that I needed.


2020-21 How To Start Your Financial Coaching Practice Trainee

Money was coming in and I wasn’t managing it well enough. I wasn’t seeing where my money was going. I was living paycheck to paycheck. That’s what made me say, ‘I need professional help. Clearly this is something I can’t take on myself.’ The aha moment for me was when you had me to write out everyday what I was spending my money on and that allowed me to finally hold myself accountable and really get to the nitty gritty and ask, “where ARE those dollars going?” You always told me about paying myself first and saving and different accounts to setup. I now have over $5,000 sitting in my savings. That is a total win for me because I’ve never been able to do that. I know for sure without your program, I would have never got there because you were the only person who was really able to get thru to me.


Licensed Beauty Professional, Hair Stylist & Image Consultant

You were very engaging with both groups. They really enjoyed that session and tools that they can take away. That’s what I liked. You gave them creative ways to deal with their finances. You brought pamphlets with you that they could take back. We got very good feedback.

Ms. Pam

Director of Special Programs, Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation

For a community to truly be free they must have economic strength and stability. Dr. Reese’s session is quite timely due to the disruption that is being caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Those who have more sound savings and long term investment strategies will be in a much better position to weather the storm. Thank you Dr. Reese for sharing your knowledge and expertise with the Black Princeton community!


Board Member, Black Talent Pipeline Initiative