About Us

Reese Financial Services is a Black-owned, woman-led financial services firm that serves leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs who are serving in their divine purpose and have money problems to solve. Specifically, we specialize in increasing savings, decreasing debt, introducing investing and building effective financial action plans, using education, coaching and consulting. We provide in-person & virtual, live and on-demand services to individual and institutional clients. Our institutional clients include nonprofits, government agencies, for-profit businesses, endowments, foundations and grant-making institutions.
We aim to advance financial and economic development within households, communities and businesses by shifting one’s mindset, changing one’s behavior and transforming one’s financial capability, one session at a time, no matter one’s income or asset level.

Why Choose Us

Financial Systems and Frameworks


There is a time and place for everything. Using step-by-step systems & frameworks, we deliver the right strategies and solutions to solve your financial problems quickly and affordably.

Financial Purpose


We were born to meet you where you are in your financial journey and lead you to the better version of your financial self.

Service icon


We serve with a guarantee of patience, kindness and understanding to honor the dignity and integrity of each client. We are a safe no-judgement zone.

Wealth education


We believe wealth = human capital + spiritual capital + intellectual capital + social capital + financial capital. Your assets go beyond your money. When examined through an abundance lens, you’ll find you’re more wealthy than you initially imagined.

Financial literacy and education


While financial education alone is signficant, it is not unique. What you know about money is important AND it’s more important to know what to do with money. Education is most effective when coupled with coaching, counseling and/or consulting.



An excellent leader leads a healthy and prosperous financial life. You’re a leader in your household, your community, your workplace and in your business. We help you become the financial leader you want to be and the one others want to follow.

Our Mission

Showing up in the world to serve the clients we are meant to serve requires dedicated intention and activities. We work towards our vision through these annual mission statements:

Serve individual leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs who seek financial order, need financial planning and desire financial freedom

Promote asset-building and entrepreneurship to youth and adults
Train underserved and overlooked populations (including veterans, low/moderate income-earners, un- (under-) employed, re-entry, (at-risk) homeless, youth (ages 14-24), people of color) to be confident, savvy and prosperous financial managers and leaders
Educate college and graduate students about personal finance, money management, business and entrepreneurship
Develop financial leadership within households, communities and businesses through timely, topical and relevant finanical content, trainings, programs & events
Offer career pathways within the financial services industry by providing job training, career exploration and certification.

Our Vision

To live in a world where individuals practice positive motivating financial behaviors that:
  1. increase their financial literacy
  2. increase their financial capability and
  3. increase their overall financial well-being

A Bit About the Founder

Award-winning financial coach, planner, consultant and trainer, Dr. Dominique’ Reese is the Owner and President of Reese Financial Services, a boutique financial services and education firm that specializes in serving leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs, who are growing their net worth and serving in their divine purpose but have money problems to solve.

Dr. Dominique’ is an expert in building solid financial foundations, creating and growing assets and changing financial behaviors, by uniquely blending financial education, financial coaching & counseling and financial planning for high-achieving individuals who work hard, yet, lack the financial order they desire.

With over 15 years as a financial professional, Dr. Dominique’ started her career as a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch, where she managed over $4 million for private high net worth clients. After being laid off in 2009, she started CommuniTree LLC, where she provided one-on-one money management, counseling individuals and financial education seminars and workshops for non-profits, small businesses, colleges and universities.

Transitioning back to California in 2012, she became the Director of Business Development for a financial technology company, where she was responsible for the training and business development of each financial advisor within the salesforce, development of curriculua and 75+ articles within the behavioral finance portal, while also serving as the financial planning software expert and liaison between the salesforce and the tech team.

Dr. Dominique’ has been featured in and sourced for a variety of media, including NY Times, Associated Press, USA Today, nasdaq.com, creditcards.com, a subject matter expert in the documentary, Resurrecting Black Wall Street and recognized by the Association for Financial Counseling, Planning and Education for being a high quality practitioner in an award-winning national program of 60 financial coaches, piloted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Throughout her career, she has sat on panels and conducted break out sessions at conferences, called to speak and present at colleges and universities, and hosted local and community financial events.

Passionate about serving people of color and an expert in financial education and management, she saw a need to serve more beyond the one-on-one model and still, simply provide access to basic money principles and money management skills; she Amazon published, Master My Money: 16 Steps To Solve Your Money Problems and Create A Foundation For Financial Freedom, and created courses such as BUILD™, an eight-week self-paced and guided online personal finance program and the sold out online course for financial professionals, How To Start Your Own Financial Coaching Practice.

She was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, where she now resides with her 6 year old son, Ya’ir. Dr. Dominique’ is a Crenshaw High alumna, has a degree in Economics from Princeton University, an honorary doctorate of humane letters from Global Oved Dei Seminary & University and is currently pursuing her Certified Financial Planner® designation at The American College of Financial Services, to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®.

In 2020, she founded the Black Women’s Investment Club, a Los Angeles-based investment club, where women of color are introduced to investing and invest small amounts for large gains and the Profitable Private Practice Mastermind for financial educators, coaches and counselors to leverage shared information amongst peer professionals, while building a profitable private financial empowerment business.