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Reese Financial Services is a Black-owned, woman-led financial services firm that serves leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs who are serving in their divine purpose and have money problems to solve. Specifically, we specialize in increasing savings, decreasing debt, introducing investing and building effective financial action plans, using education, coaching and consulting. We provide in-person & virtual, live and on-demand services to individual and institutional clients. Our institutional clients include nonprofits, government agencies, for-profit businesses, endowments, foundations and grant-making institutions.

Because you advocate for asset-building and economic self-sufficiency within the communities you serve.

We bring our core competencies and specializations to serve you financial
empowerment needs. They include:
Financial Education, Financial Coaching & Financial Counseling
Trauma-Informed Financial Coaching
Business Advisory Services and Start-up Consulting
Technical Assistance
Ideation & Consulting
Economic Campaign Strategy, Development & Execution
Asset-building and Human-Capital Development
Economic Equity and Inclusion
Financial Product & Program Development
Content, Resource & Curriculum Development
Financial Leadership & Board Governance Training
Community Engagement and Outreach
Social media

Some of our partners include:

USC - University of Southern California
Princeton University
Vermont Slauson

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