About Master My Money

Reese Financial Services is a Black-owned, woman-led financial services firm that serves leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs who are serving in their divine purpose and have money problems to solve. Specifically, we specialize in increasing savings, decreasing debt, introducing investing and building effective financial action plans, using education, coaching and consulting. We provide in-person & virtual, live and on-demand services to individual and institutional clients. Our institutional clients include nonprofits, government agencies, for-profit businesses, endowments, foundations and grant-making institutions.
We aim to advance financial and economic development within households, communities and businesses by shifting one’s mindset, changing one’s behavior and transforming one’s financial capability, one session at a time, no matter one’s income or asset level.
Wealth Management

Master My Money Core Areas of a Financial Foundation

Financial Systems and Frameworks


Everything begins in the mind, including how you manage your money. We examine your money mindsets so that you can shift to positive, motivating mindsets that serve you today.

Financial Purpose


The budget is the cornerstone of your financial life. We consult the budget to tell us what to do because the numbers tell a story and they never lie (even when we lie to ourselves).


There are 5 types of saving we prepare our clients for to ensure they’re anchored in a solid financial foundation: When-I-Need-It-I-Got-It (aka emergency savings), Regular/Goal-specific, Retirement (pre-/post-tax), Investments, Business Savings. Your savings are a reflection of what you think of yourself

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Debt reduction and elimination is prioritized equally with savings. We believe you can save and pay down debt, so we help our clients build affordable debt reduction strategies while maintaining consistent savings.

Financial literacy and education


Credit can be confusing and emotional. We encourage our clients to focus on their credit reports, rather than their credit scores. It’s what’s on your report that determines your score.


While it’s common for most financial professionals to focus on reducing expenses, we encourage our clients to increase income. Although it takes more time and effort, it yields a greater reward . We’ll help you explore and activate additional streams of income, including entrepreneurship.



Your investing in your financial foundation and building assets, so it’s important to protect what you’re building. For clients, we review and assess your insurances, wills, trusts, advance directives, health proxies and POA documents. Although we do not provide legal advice, we can educate and connect you to our Trusted Professionals Network for free.

Financial Systems and Frameworks

Financial Plan

Our most successful clients are those with a written financial plan that guides their actions and gets them closer to achieving their financial goals. By the time we stop working together, you’ll have a clear understanding on the exact next steps to take to continue getting results.

On-Demand Financial Traninings

Financial Plan

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