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Reese Financial Services partners with scholars, colleges & universities and organizations that provide scholarships, mentorships and internships to educate about personal finance and money management, business and entrepreneurship.

We know that money matters in college. We also know that our students are NOT learning about money the way they should. Many learning institutions still have not invested in this much-needed education. Nevertheless, we have developed curriculum and programs to support students with ways to save and handle money while in college. Our programs have reached hundreds of students on various campuses across the nation.

Because first-generation students deserve financial success too.

Whether as a trainer, lecturer or guest speaker for the day, we deliver relatable financial workshops that give realistic budgeting approaches that account for the inconsistent and variable student income, education that simplifies complex and sometimes confusing financial topics and tools and strategies that can be applied before the workshop is over! Further, when you partner with us, we go above and beyond to support your scholars by offering a unique additional service called Office Hours. Office Hours are private 15-minute coaching sessions to answer any questions your scholars have about money. We understand that your scholars are overachievers and asking for help may not be their strong suit. Office Hours is the perfect opportunity (and a safe space) for them to practice seeking professional financial support.

Some of our most popular workshops include:

Effective Budgeting in College
Saving & Investing
Credit & Debt
Entrepreneurship & Self-Employment
Choosing & Opening Accounts
Social media

Some of our partners include:

USC - University of Southern California
Princeton University

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