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Reese Financial Services works with professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs who value family and community and tends to put others before self. Our clients lack the financial order they desire and consequently, struggle to achieve and maintain the lifestyle they work so hard for everyday. We help clients build a solid financial foundation upon which they can create and grow assets. Our approach assumes money is personal and behavioral and that our numbers are simply a reflection of our behavior. Therefore, if we want to change our numbers, we have to change our behavior. To do this, we start with the mindset first and help our clients shift to motivating financial mindsets. Next, we adopt and practice behaviors that support the mindsets we believe, which ultimately, leads to the outcomes we desire. Mindset + behavior = outcome. Change your mind, change your money. Let us show you how!

Because you’re sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck…you’re getting too old to keep living like this.

“Oh my goodness, can I really afford this right now? Am I taking on too much? I know I need the help, but maybe I can do this stuff myself, I just really need to take time and focus. I can do that…then again, I don’t know. Maybe I should wait to get some things in order first.”

We understand what’s on your mind and why you hesitate to reach out for help. You’re so used to doing everything on your own and by yourself. That behavior works for you in some areas, but not with your money. Just because you failed at some aspect of managing your money in the past, doesn’t mean you have to go it alone to get it right. You did a lot to get yourself here and now, you need new tools and more confidence to get yourself to the next level. It may be difficult to ask for help and even more difficult to make this investment in yourself, but at this point, you can’t afford not to get the help you need. It’s time to get it right and we’re ready to support you.

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