These Black Women Are Building Wealth…Will You Join Them?

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These Black Women Are Building Wealth…Will You Join Them?

By Dr. Dominique'In standard26th August, 2017

Imagine this:

A space filled with Black women who run programs, operate nonprofits, companies and small businesses. who teach consult, counsel, coach, who give advice and more , all coming together to improve their financial life, NOT just to eat, shop and play!

They’re gathering to build wealth!

Papers are out, calculators are clicking, statements and bills are being organized, filed and shredded, charts are being filled in,  numbers are being tracked and logged, conversations are being had…bottom line, work is being done. 

Everyone is taking action, right then and there, to get their financial house in order. No need to wait. They came together to do the work they know they need to do on their finances, so they can purchase their first homes or rental income properties, so they can start or grow their passion purpose businesses, so they can give more abundantly and do whatever else their heart desires.

They came together to build systems, create strategies and offer solutions for their financial life. 

As they leave, they realize they  now have that budget they always needed but couldnt stick to, they now have a savings and debt strategy, so they dont have to choose between saving and paying down debt and they have at least 10 ways to increase their income, essentially, making more money. 

Can you imagine that?

Well, it’s happening, October 7 and I doubt you want to miss it.  You’ve never seen anything like it, so come and be apart of it. Light breakfast and lunch are provided, not to mention all your materials for the event (folder, calculator, Master My Money® curriculum).

Click here to enroll today. This Black woman’s wealth building workshop is expected to sell out.

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