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Save $1,378 in Weeks!

By Dr. Dominique'In standard2nd January, 2017

Are you ready to save over a $1,000 in weeks?


If so, here is a simple, easy and fun way to do it.

It’s called the 52-Week Savings Challenge!


The 52-Week Savings Challenge is a popular savings challenge that you typically begin in January, at the beginning of a new year and save weekly through December, the end of the year. However, you can start this challenge at any time during the year!


Each week, you transfer or deposit an amount of money equal to the number of the week that we are in for the year. For example, the week you start the challenge, is the first week of the challenge. Your deposit amount for that week would be $1. The next week is the second week of the challenge, you’d deposit $2 for that week. During the 8th week of the challenge, you’d deposit $8 and so on and so on. Got it?


Each week your savings is steadily increasing and at the end of the 52nd week, you should have $1,378 saved! You can always take this challenge to the next level by multiplying your weekly deposit by 2 or 3. If you did, you’d end saving up $2,756 and $4,134 respectively!

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3 thoughts on “Save $1,378 in Weeks!”

  1. I’m so ready to change my life, thank you Dominique

    • Thank you Esther! I am so excited to experience abundance with you!!!

  2. It takes determination and discipline… I’m ready!

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