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Does Your Savings Strategy Need A Professional Review?

By Dr. Dominique'In standard21st January, 2018

Given its tax season, savings seems to come up a lot. It’s a hot topic and rightfully so. For most consumers, the tax refund is the largest lump sum of money they ever see, year to year. For others, company bonuses also may come into play.

Nevertheless, whether you’re anticipating a lump sum  and want to direct some of it to savings or you’re simply ready to start saving something from your paycheck every pay period, you should consider a Master My Money Savings Strategy Review.

The Savings Strategy Review is an opportunity to get a professional review of your current savings strategy. You can share and establish realistic savings goals, learn the 5 types of savings to create a solid financial foundation and where you stand with respect to each and lastly, leave with an action plan to get you where you want to be with your savings goals.

This review is beneficial to savers looking to start saving for the first time and/or looking to get back to savings, to savers with multiple savings goals, such as saving for an emergency fund, for retirement and for a personal goal, and even to savers who are already implementing a savings strategy and need to take their savings to the next level.

I’d also suggest that if you’re going to file IRS Form 8888 to direct a portion of your tax refund to savings, that you schedule a Master My Money Savings Strategy Review to review your form and savings amount with respect to the rest of your savings and overall, financial goals.

Benefits of a Master My Money Savings Strategy Review:

  • Consult with a licensed accredited financial professional about your 2018 savings strategy
  • Learn the 5 types of savings you need to build a solid financial foundation
  • Assess where you are, where you’re heading and what it’s going to take to get there for each type of saving
  • Craft a savings action plan to implement the strategies for your savings goal

When you’re confident in your savings strategy, you’re more likely to implement it and stick to it.

Let’s get together to make it happen.

Schedule My Savings Strategy Review




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