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Be Productive, Be Prosperous: An Event To Get Things Done

By Dr. Dominique'In standard15th July, 2016

The Black Beautiful Abundant campaign hosts Productivity & Prosperity Working Sessions for Black Women Leaders, Professionals & Business Owners.

This is an event where you come to work on whatever is on your to-do list. It doesn’t matter what it is! You can come and read a few chapters in the book you’ve been wanting to start. You can come and study for your upcoming exam (like me!). You can come and work on your business idea. You can come and finish up some work you’ve been putting off. Or, maybe you’ve been meaning to work on your resume so you can apply for a new job? …Yeah, no excuses now! Whatever the task may be, bring it to the Productivity & Prosperity Working Session.

The Session is August 26, 2016, starts at 730pm and goes until 10. Our Abundant, Kenya Kirkland, will provide the space and free wifi, at her boutique, Shop1323, located at 1323 N. LaBrea Blvd.

There are P&P Working Sessions, held throughout the campaign. To get invited to attend the next Productivity & Prosperity Working Session, click here.


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