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FREE 20-Day Financial Reset Challenge, JOIN NOW!

By Dr. Dominique'In standard1st July, 2016

During this FREE 20-Day Challenge I am going to lead you through daily 30-minute audio lessons about resetting your thoughts, words and actions about money so you can create stability and success in your financial life. The challenge includes:

  • Daily 30-minute audio lessons
  • Worksheets to accompany each lesson
  • Access to a private community of other resetters who share best practices and breakthroughs, ask questions, encourage each other


When you know your mindset about money is not right and you need a change in order to reach your financial goals…

When you feel desperate for relief and solutions because you’ve already done all you can do and you’re all tapped out…

When you’re starting over financially, transitioning careers or beginning a new opportunity and you want to do things right this time…

When you’re stressed, worried and anxious about your money situation…

When you’ve hit rock bottom and there is no where for you to go but up…

When you’re getting things in order, slowly but surely, and am eager to get your mind right so you’ll make better financial decisions…. 


Here is a what you will explore and work on in the 20-day Financial Reset Challenge:

  1. Why do you need a financial reset?
  2. How did you get to where you are?
  3. What makes you financially ashamed? Proud?
  4. What is your mindset about money?
  5. Where were your mindsets born?
  6. Lack vs. abundance
  7. Do you deserve more?
  8. What is faith?
  9. Giving up is not an option
  10. Be grateful: an attitude of gratitude
  11. Fear
  12. Bad financial influencers
  13. Who is your financial role model?
  14. Who is on your financial team?
  15. What is financial leadership?
  16. 30-day lookback
  17. What is your money story?
  18. Personal financial assessment
  19. Income & expenses
  20. Next necessary actions and S.M.A.R.T. goals  

Since the cost is zero, I am going to assume the benefit is not. I have yet to meet anyone who cannot benefit from one or more days in the challenge. So can you do it? Can you benefit from spending some time, 30 minutes a day to be exact, working on getting clear about the thoughts, words, and actions behind your financial life, in order to create stability and success for the financial life you desire?


Every day for 20 days, you’ll receive an email from me

In your email, you’ll have a 30-minute audio lesson, an attached PDF worksheet to accompany the lesson and a call to action to share in our private community and with your closest networks on social media


 “I could use a financial reset and be out of  bad debt fairly quick.  I am excited about the Reset Challenge and look forward to what I can learn.”





“I am doing this. You should too!”





  • Breakthrough financial blocks that keep you broke and stressed out
  • Learn and adopt 3 money techniques of the financially free
  • Set yourself apart from broke people by doing the work broke people don’t want to do
  • Recognize the behaviors that don’t serve you and get rid of them so you can thrive, instead of survive
  • Align your faith and finances and experience oneness with your money
  • Give yourself a second chance to prove to yourself that you’re worth receiving every dollar destined for you
  • Stop living a desperate financial life, with desperate behaviors, when the solutions lie inside of you
  • Change how you think about money and improve how much money you access
  • And much more…



2 thoughts on “FREE 20-Day Financial Reset Challenge, JOIN NOW!”

  1. I am committed to doing the 20 day reset. Please send me the information so I can get started.

    • Thank you Aimee! You should have the info in your inbox. Please let me know if you dont. Thanks!

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