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10 Reasons Why You Should Reset Your Finances, Today!

By Dr. Dominique'In standard30th June, 2016

If you read, 10 Types Of Women Who Most Need A Financial Reset, you know the types of women who can benefit most from a financial reset. Now, learn the actual benefits of resetting your finances. Why would anyone, not just Black women leaders, professionals and business owners, want to reset their finances? These benefits highlight exactly why you would want to have a fresh start and get a new perspective about your financial life:


  1. Gain clarity about your personal financial situation. If you’re not getting the results you want or need, you need to take a step back, get a high level view and see the big picture.
  2. Reveal your money problems and identify next steps to take towards a solution. When you begin to focus on results and solutions, you can see the problems and what’s holding you back for what they are. You focus less on what you don’t have and work towards what you need and want.
  3. Discover your ABC’s (attitudes, behaviors and circumstances) for financial success and financial failure, so you never have to experience another devastating moment in your financial life.
  4. Shift your money mindset from limiting to motivating so you can create stability and success in your financial life, with no stress and worries.
  5. Gain unshakeable confidence and know-how in your ability to manage and grow your money, in your pursuit of wealth and abundance and in your ability to teach others what you learn about what it takes to master your money and build wealth.
  6. Practice and apply your faith in your financial life. Realize God is your source. If you believe He is your supplier, then you are inherently abundant.
  7. Gain a community of other resetters! You don’t have to go it alone, there are other people, making a decision similar to you, to get their financial life in order; to gain clarity about what’s happening or not happening in their financial life, to get clear on what they seek in their financial life. People fail to realize the power of community when it comes to their money, because money is personal. But just like any other community you join to make a change, you can  benefit from other’s encouraging you, accountability, and collective focus on a common goal.
  8. Shed financial fear, for financial fierce. Release yourself from fear and your past money mistakes. Resetting is about starting over. Your past doesn’t matter anymore, it’s about the future you’re going to create. Focus on possibilities and embrace fear as motivation to pursue bigger and better things.
  9. Build a “through thick and thin” financial team! Get it right this time around and leverage the support and expertise of others who have your well being and best interest at heart.
  10. Learn breakthrough financial strategies and techniques to examine your financial past, assess your present and create your future situation


Take the first step towards resetting your financial life, join the 20-day Financial Reset Challenge, it’s free!


  • Breakthrough financial blocks that keep you broke and stressed out!
  • Give yourself another chance to create the stability you need and have the freedom you want!
  • Gain confidence and discipline with your money in as little as 30 minutes a day!
  • Align your thoughts words and actions so you’re positioned for financial success!!


Join the 20-Day Financial Reset Challenge Today!


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