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Q: What was your biggest concern about investing in the Master My Money(TM) Financial Coaching Program?

davu-stewartAs a business owner with limited time, I had lot of apprehensions – “Am I wasting my time? Does this person know what she’s doing?” All these concerns were eased as soon as I began to participate in the coaching sessions. Immediately, I was provided with building tools to increase my financial IQ and take steps to create plans to attain financial freedom and generational wealth.”

- Davu Stewart

besy-lamine-diop“When my wife first told me about Dominique’s program, I was a lot skeptical and told myself what books and dvds is this person going to sell us. It took one session with her to realize she was a godsend. I thought I had my finances under control, boy! I was wrong. My wife and I were living beyond our means and did not even realize it.

- Besy & Lamine Diop

Q: What was your favorite part or most valuable learning from the coaching or program, and why?

gaelle-larore“The most valuable learning was definitely how to understand and work the master budget to fit your goals. Being able to visualize what your expenses consisted of definitely helped to figure out in what areas you can save and how you can best allocate your funds.”

- Dr. Gaelle Larore-Fray

porpoise-evans“I have for the first time in my life found a system for tracking my income v. expenses v. savings, and been given the tools to objectively evaluate my spending habits. I am able to see now why I live paycheck-to-paycheck and to confront the reality that if I am not tracking my balance sheet, I don’t know what I can afford. I think the program was fabulous. I would recommend it to friends and family and would readily enroll in a follow-up program.”

-Porpoise Evans

Q: If you were recommending this coach or program to your best friend, what would you say?

sandra-santos“I could go on and on about all the tools that Dominique equipped me with but in a nutshell Dominique knows her stuff; she has a passion for helping others and that passion is backed by knowledge, a combination that is a rare find. I couldn’t recommend her program enough to all those that need to find financial peace.

- Sandra Santos


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