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Master My Money FAQ

  1. What is Master My Money?

    • Master My Money™ is a registered trademark and financial lifestyle brand for Black women leaders, professionals, and business owners. It is a declarative state of being for one’s future financial self. 

  2. What’s covered in your financial coaching programs?

    • The Master My Money™ Personal Financial Coaching Programs focus on the 7 core areas of your wealth foundation, including your mindset, budget, savings, debt, credit, protection and income streams.

  3. Who is your program for?

    • Master My Money™ Personal Financial Coaching Programs are for Black women leaders, professionals and business owners who are serving in their divine purpose but need to solve their money problems and create a foundation for financial freedom. Typically, we work with women who:

      • have 5- to 6-figure annual income

      • have 4- to 5-figure monthly expenses

      • have minimal savings and one to two accounts for all liquid savings

      • have 5- to 6-figure debt, including student loans and mortgages

      • have a credit score lower than 750

      • have novice or intermediate investing experience

      • have no non-retirement investment accounts

      • have less than $50,000 in retirement savings

      • have not explored renter’s insurance

      • have life insurance via employer but unsure of the details

      • have not drafted a living will, trust, advance directives or health proxies

      • have not worked with a financial coach before

  4. How much does your program cost?
    • The investment fee varies based upon the program chosen. Visit Work With Dr. Dominique‘ to learn more about our Master My Money™ Financial Coaching programs.

  5. Do you offer payment plans for your programs?

    • Yes, our Mastermind (group coaching), 6-hour intensive and custom financial programs  are eligible for payment plans. Payment plan terms vary based on the program. 

  6. What is a money master and how do I become one?
    • A money master is someone who is skilled in the management of their money and employs that skill to build wealth. To become a money master you have to join and complete one of the Master My Money™ Financial Coaching Programs.

  7. What happens if I am not satisfied with my service?

    • If you are not satisfied with the service being rendered, you will need to notify Reese Financial Services in writing. The situation will be reviewed and considered according to the program agreement.

  8. How long have you been in the industry, serving clients?

    • I have been in financial services since 2003 and serving clients since 2009.

  9. Are you a speaker and what are your rates?

    • Yes, I am a speaker. I am experienced as a panelist, moderator, break out speaker, and keynote speaker. My current speaking rate is $3,500 plus business class airfare and 3- or 4-star lodging accommodations (depending on location of event). To book me as a speaker for your next event simply email dominique@reesefinancialservices.com and call 213-787-4399.

  10. Do you only work with individuals?

    • No, I work with individuals in addition to fin tech start-ups, non-profits and for-profit companies . When working with companies, I am hired as a Consultant or Strategist to achieve a desired outcome such as drive usage or increase enrollment for a product or service, develop business systems and/or processes, build campaigns to attract and engage an audience and/or to develop financial literacy curricula.


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