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Master My Money™: 16 Steps To Solve Your Money Problems & Create A Foundation For Financial Freedom


When you work as hard as you do, your money should work even harder. Securing your financial foundation can be a challenge, especially with so many moving parts. However, this must-have book addresses the core 6 areas of your wealth foundation and gives you all the practical know-how to master your money.

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Master My Money™ : 20-Day Financial Reset Challenge

Spiral binder

This 20-day challenge is to set and reset your thoughts, words and actions about money to create stability and success in your financial life. Commit 30 minutes a day, get 20 recorded challenge calls and a financial reset workbook.  For: The woman who knows she needs to make a change in her financial life, who is recently laid off, has hit financial rock bottom, is divorced, is widowed, is getting or has gotten a windfall or lump sum of money, is starting a business/becoming an entrepreneur, has filed bankruptcy, is managing tons of debt,  or simply preparing for the new year or newly married/newly engaged. 

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Master My Money™ University Book –Coming Soon!


The time has come when you can get educated and pursue financial freedom at the same time. Master My Money University is where you come to increase your financial literacy and your net worth. Here, we focus on growing the Black woman’s wealth. This is where we bring to life our vision, “to live in a world where every Black woman leader, professional and business has a net worth of at least $100,000 so she can take advantage of any opportunity to serve herself, her family and/or her community.” At 3MU, you will learn practical tools, techniques and strategies and gain access to experts and resources that directly impact your ability to earn more income, save and invest more of what you earn, and eliminate what you owe, so you can achieve your net worth goal. We want you to Dr. Dominique’ and cadres of other Black women leaders, professionals and business owners to discover, develop and strengthen their unique financial self. Our vision may seem unrealistic at first glance, but we are confident that we can better serve our community and the world we live in when we as Black women leaders, professionals and business owners strengthen our net worth. 


Master My Money™ Mastermind (Group Financial Coaching) 

In this 6-week small group mastermind, we come together to fix what’s broken, to make ends meet, to setup  and invest more savings, decrease debt, explore ways to earn more income. Every week we cover an area, what you should do to solve the problems you’re experiencing in that area and the next steps you’re going to take to solve the problem. At the end of 6 weeks, you will have achieved milestones in your financial life that you would have thought impossible otherwise. You get the combined benefits of accountability and coaching, along with solutions to the problems you’re currently experiencing. Dr. Dominique’ Chief Financial Coach at Reese Financial Services, leads each session and will help every member seek the results they desire. You can choose to focus on a specific area that you’re struggling in or get help in multiple areas over the 6-weeks. Our format is like precept or class that accompanies your lecture from college. We come together to do the work, to dive into the problems and craft solutions. Once the mastermind ends, Dr. Dominique’ will provide private coaching for up to 30 days, for each member, to ensure you’re on your path to financial freedom. 

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Master My Money™ MakeOver My Money 6 Hour Intensive Strategy Session 

Fly in, drive over, cab it or whatever it takes to meet 1-on-1 with Dr. Dominique’ for a 6 hour intensive. In this intensive, you will leave with strategies ready for your implementation. You will cover  budgeting, savings, debt and income streams in your session with Dr. Dominique. Submit your details in advance and when you show up, Dr. Dominique’ will present to you the strategies to help set you financially free. After your intensive, Dr. Dominique’ will provide coaching for up to 90 days, to ensure your successful implementation of the strategies that were built. 

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Master My Money™ Private Personal Financial Coaching 

Money is very personal and behavioral. No two people have the same personal financial situation. Given that, when you need more from your money, you have to consider what works best for you and only you. The Master My Money Private  coaching program considers your relationship with your money, including your mindset, your money challenges and goals and the skillset you need to master your money and create your wealth foundation. You will work with Dr. Dominique’ on a long term basis, typically 6 months or more to truly position yourself for money mastery. The clients who benefit the most from this program are those that simply can’t achieve on thier own, the results they’ve been seeking. When enough is enough and you’re ready to delegate the responsibility of crafting the solutions, but fully reap the reward of having a solution to implement, hiring a coach to help you get the results is the answer. This is a custom program and the investment will vary based on your needs.

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