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7 Common Excuses Why You Don’t Pay For Financial Coaching

By Dr. Dominique'In standard8th July, 2016

You know you need help right? You keep saying (or at least thinking) that you’re going to reach out to this person or that person that you know who does “this.” However, you seem to be going no where. Taking no action. On the other hand, let’s say you have taken action. Let’s say you’ve made contact with the professional, you’ve expressed your concerns about your situation and how much you need help, but when time comes to take the next step, to sign up for the services you don’t do it. In either situation, you take no action. Why? After 12 years of experience in financial services, as a Financial Advisor and a Financial Coach, and having conducted hundreds of consultations, I believe you fail to take the next step, the most important step, for 7 reasons. I’d like to call them excuses. Here are seven excuses why you don’t pay for financial coaching:

Excuse #1 – You’re not ready to be held accountable: When you know you need help, you also know that when you get it, things are going to change. You know that you can’t make excuses anymore about your situation, you can’t play victim to circumstance. It may seem counterintuitive that you don’t want help when you actually need it, but being a victim has it’s perks. The most obvious one, you’re not held accountable. The blame for your distress or unfavorable circumstance is on someone or something else, not you.

Excuse #2 – You think you can do it yourself: This is my favorite. Put simply, if you could fix your situation, solve your own problems, get out of debt, increase your savings and improve your credit, you would. However, truth is, you can’t but you tell yourself you can to further avoid paying for it, to “stay in control” or to see what free resources you can get before committing to a paid option. Nothing wrong with this if you like being in debt, if you like being broke and if you like getting denied for credit.

Excuse #3 – You tell yourself you can’t afford it: While it’s not my favorite, it’s the most popular response. I believe you pay for what you value. If you value reduced debt, increased income, and savings and improved credit, then you’ll pay for it. Simple. But you must stop telling yourself you can’t afford to pay for the help you need. Figure it out! If it were a bill that had to be paid, you’d figure it out with the quickest. Why not figure it out for the sake of your financial future. Is your financial freedom less important than a bill? Don’t answer that!

Excuse #4 – You’re not sure what to expect: I totally get this. However, it’s such a mind trick we play with ourselves. If you’ve never been somewhere, before, of course you don’t know what to expect. It’s unchartered territory. It’s a new journey. However, if you keep telling yourself you’re not going because you don’t know what it’s going to be like, you’ll never reach the place you say you want to be, which is financially free. This is when testimonials become important. Asking others for the experience with a coach and the results they got, become critical. Steve Harvey said it best, “If you ain’t where you want to be, go on and get there already.”

Excuse #5 – You don’t want to change your lifestyle: When you know change is coming as a result of working with a professional, it can be overwhelming and intimidating. However, you asked for it! You said you wanted more out of your financial life, so don’t be surprised when you have to make some changes in order to get what you asked for. WIth money, everything is temporary and nothing is permanent. It’s always changing. Some changes you make are temporary, some are permanent.

Excuse #6 – You think you’re ok!: This is straight up denial! How I know? Because you reached out for help! You conducted a consultation because you’re not getting results you need or want. You’re missing something and if it were ok, you wouldn’t have felt a “need” to reach out. Don’t second guess yourself. Let a professional step in to help you. Let a professional be the help you need to get to the next level. If you were ok and everything was fine, you wouldn’t have thought to seek help. Thoughts become things. If you think it, it’s real. If you have money problems you can’t solve, it’s real that you should get the help you need.

Excuse #7 – You’re too busy or you have to wait for X to happen: You’ve really convinced yourself that now is not the time, even though you need help right now. Excuses like these only buy time for your situation to worsen. When it comes to solving your money problems, now is always the time to take action. Correcting wrongs or getting on track is a process. Time works in your favor when you take action and time works against you when you don’t. You never know what you have to be prepared for, as part of your blessing. When you fail to take action NOW, you decrease the time you have to get ready and be prepared to receive the blessing.

If you’ve done any of this, and you’re ready to stop fooling yourself and hiding, take action. That’s all it takes.

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